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American Slang and Vulgar English Workshop Part 2.
(Aimed at those who previously attended both Colloquial and Vulgar English workshops)
• Limited vacancies

In our previous English Slang and Vulgar English workshop we discussed items such as Fish Market, Meat Market, Mickey Mouse, and the mysterious life of innocent words, among others.
But we still have a great deal more of lexical items to talk about and learn.

Here we have a small sample of the vocabulary we will be dealing with.

If somebody calls you "Chuck", would you feel offended or pleased?
How many definitions can you find for the word "Juice"?
Is a "Knuckle dragger" a synonym of a "Smart aleck"?
If someone told you "Break a leg", is he precisely wishing you bad luck?
Can you describe something that is "All that and a bag of Fritos"?
What does someone who asks you "What's crack-a-smackin'" mean?

These and a great variety of expressions will be discussed in this workshop.
In this two hour workshop, participants will receive a glossary, a handout with exercises, an answer key, and several exercises to work on.

Duration: 3 hours
Fee: -
Venue: Capital Federal



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