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Methodology Workshop
Aimed at teachers, trainee teachers or teachers-to-be.
• Limited vacancies

Teaching is such a wonderful art... It is a special calling... Only those who have that calling inside the heart are able to fulfill it.
A teacher must always be updated. He/she must maintain his/her experience and keep gaining some more.
A teacher must be "on" every day of the school year. A teacher must not only teach but also learn from experiences.

In this three-hour workshop we will discuss:
• How to teach English in Kindergarten (Games, songs, activities, resources).
• We will talk about the "Silent Goblin". Do you know this amazing character who can make our disorganized class turn into the most organized and silent one? Who is this magnificent and helpful friend?
• We will discuss tips to cope with difficult classes and students.
• How to teach English in Primary School (Planning lessons, timing accurately, a great variety of teaching strategies to keep your students motivated).
• Is it possible to work with the four skills in a lesson? Yes, it is. What matters is to handle time and activities.
• How do we know when to stop a game and why?
• What about storytime? Do you include storytime in your lessons?
• What happens when a teacher has one planned lesson and walks in the class to find out that today will be a hard day to carry it out?
• What happens with BIG groups?
• How do we work with children who suffer from Dyslexia?

Duration: 5 hours
Fee: -
Venue: Capital Federal


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