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Vulgar English Workshop
• Limited vacancies
If I told you "That sounds like my ass is grass", what precisely am I trying to say? How many collocations can we find with the word "ASS"?
The word "SHIT", one of the most popular swear/curse words/profanities. Does this word always have a negative connotation?
What about the word "BITCH"? How many uses can we find for this word?
We will also talk about the Mysterious Life of Innocent Words such as BAG, BASKET, EAT, RUG, WOOL, TRICK, and many others.
Be prepared to go through the world of profanity.

These and a great variety of expressions will be discussed in this workshop.
In this two hour workshop, participants will receive a handout with exercises, an answer key, and several exercises to work on.

Duration: 3 hours
Fee: $4000
Venue: Capital Federal

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